Silverwood is the Academy Awards of Bull Terriers... each year some of the best Bull Terriers gather to compete for the Silverwood Trophy. Winning the Silverwood Competition carries the title of Best Bull Terrier bred on the North American Continent for that year.

Having won the Silverwood Trophy four times as well as a Runner Up, I am extremely proud to have bred each of them. There is a lot of work entailed in readying a dog for Silverwood. As a breeder you know when you have a special one and you begin planning his/her show career at that moment. Having been carefully bred and raised, the training begins at an early age for those first shows until you reach the focul point of this very special Bull Terrier show.

For more information on Silverwood please go to the show section of the Bull Terrier Club of America website.

Ch. Jarrogue's Red Rover, ROM
Silverwood Trophy 1998


Ch. Jarrogue's For Pete's Sake, ROM
Lovell, Raydium Brigadier and BOS Trophies 1996


Ch. Jarrogue's Jim Dandy, ROM
Silverwood Trophy 1995
BTCA National Specialty 1994
Bronze Trophy 1994

Ch. Jarrogue's Geez Louise, ROM
Silverwood Trophy 1991

Ch. Jarrogue's Ms. Jennifer Jones, ROM
Silverwood Trophy 1988

Ch. Jarrogue's You Don't Know Jack, ROM
Silverwood Finalist 2004

Ch. Jarrogue's Main Squeeze
Silverwood Finalist 2001

Ch. Jarrogue's Good Golly Ms. Molly, ROM
Silverwood Finalist 1995
Reserve White Bitch


Ch. Zodiac Jarrogue Primadonna, ROM
Brood Bitch Emeritus
Silverwood Finalist 1985

Ch. Ghabar Midnight Son, ROM

The Bramblemere Gay Carolynda Trophy

Susan Murphy/Jarrogue Bull Terriers - 1988, 1991, 1995 & 1998

The Bramblemere Gay Carolynda Trophy is awarded to the breeder of the Silverwood Trophy Winner